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Hi there! So you've stumbled across this website that sells nail stuff, but who are these people? Yes, there are people behind this! In fact, our team are made up of people just like you who have a passion for nails and beauty!

Adelle Combrinck, the founder of this product range (thats me), is an internationally qualified cosmotologist with 15 years experience. After graduating, I worked in various beauty fields and salons, but I soon realised that I NEED to be my own boss and this decision was mostly fueled by my kids! Being a mom made me realise that I want to spend us much time with my kids, now 9 and 11, before they're all grown up. So I started my own nail salon from home. While this was taking off wonderfully and I loved all my fabulous clients, I soon had very little time left for my family - which defeated my whole purpose of being self-employed. BUT a recent illness made me realise that for both health-related and family reasons, I can no longer have a full time salon...and the gears in my head started rolling.

Since I can remember I've wanted to have an online shop, which in some way helped people. Normal people, like you and me. But my struggle was always the same - what can I sell that isn't "just another" product? And then I had my lightbulb moment! I decided to sell what I know! And if there's once thing I know, it's nails! After spending so many years working on clients, I know what works and what doesnt. I know people would like to try nails for themselves, but don't have the proper knowledge on how to do so. I know good quality nail products can be expensive. And so, I knew I wanted to create a range that's easy to use, affordable and of the highest quality. So I began my brand, Pretty & Polished, with the focus on gel systems.

I started with R4000, loaned by my dear dad (who, just by the way, can fix anything - he's the best!). I got my sample products for gel nails and kits, set up product pics and started selling on Takealot. I was terrified that my products would never sell, but to my surprise - the sales started flowing in, slowly but surely. My research, time and energy had paid off into my beautiful brand for the people! And while I'm still far from where I want to be, I can now offer you professional quality products at great prices AND have time for my family and health!

Thank you to each and all for your continued support! I vow to always give you the best value for your money and to help each one of you along your nail and beauty journey!

With love and appreciation,

Pretty and Polished (Adelle)