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Gel Nail Colours For Spring 2020

Aah! Spring is finally here! Although, if you live in pastel gel polish nailsCape Town, it definitely doesn't feel like it yet in this icy cold weather! Spring might be late, but there is hope yet...at least for your nails. We've rounded up the best gel polish colours for spring 2020 and I'll tell you something - it's a breath of fresh air! So much inspiration, so few nails! Without further ado, lets have a look at whats in store for our pretty tips.  This spring it's all about pastels. Which I'm SO happy about, because whenever I think spring (or easter, for that matter), I think pastel! There's something refreshing when you daydream about a frosty blue, or a soft lilac, or a touch of yellow. And who doesn't love a pretty pink or a pop of peach? But the BEST trend now is to combine ALL of them in one, beautifull, happy, "spring-y" set of gel polish pastels! How does the saying go? "If not, why not?" Am I right? The mere fact that it's spring puts a hop in my step and a smile on my face, so why not put a pop of pastel goodness on nails too? 

If the idea of a mix of all the pretty pastels still makes you uneasy, you can always opt for one of your favourite pastel colours and wear it solo. And why not finish it off with a frosty matte gel polish top coat? 

While I'd love to go on and on about pastels for spring, they are certainly not the only trending colours in 2020. Another hot spring colour trend which is always a favourite is muted colours. Soft dove greys - not white, but not grey - offers a fresh clean look. Muted greens and mauves make for a great transition from winter to spring. And for those that need a little sparkle in life - glitter and metallics are said to be everywhere this spring! It can bring any colour to life as a sheer overcoat or be brilliantly sparkly as a full cover glitter set or as a focus art nail. 

Whatever your preference, be sure to embrace the beautifull colours of spring this year. Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the new life that spring brings. You can also be on the lookout for our colour range - starting with pastels, of course! - that we will be launching soon! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get updated on new products, blog posts, tutorials and specials. May you have the springiest spring that has ever sprung!


All our love,The Pretty & Polished Team